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Directory Enquiries

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Directory Enquiries costs abroad

118 000 for the number you need

Calling Directory Enquiries from the UK

One quick call to 118 000 gives you the number you want, day or night. You can call 118 000 from any phone, not just your Orange phone.

  • get all listed UK residential and business fixed numbers - up to three numbers for each call
  • pay monthly customers can be connected directly to the number requested
  • get numbers sent to you by text at no extra charge
  • get any international number by calling 118 880 (this number does not accept text messages)
Texting Directory Enquiries

You can also request all listed residential and business numbers in the UK (and in some European countries) by texting 118 000 if you don’t want to call.

Just text the name and country or city of the business or service you want to 118 000, and we'll text you back with a number. For example 'Hilton, Rome' or 'Pizza Hut, Bristol'. 118 000 can also give you handy information such as weather forecasts or general trivia. This text service is available while you are in the UK and abroad.

If you would like your Orange mobile phone number to appear in the BT Directory just call Orange customer services. Your details will go into the BT paper directory when it is next published and into the 118 500 fixed line directory within 7 days.