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Answer Phone

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Answer Phone costs abroad

never miss an important call

see how to use Answer Phone on your phone

Not only does Orange Answer Phone pick up your calls for you when you're unable to answer your phone but there's also a range of other helpful services.

  • hold '1' down or dial '123' to access and manage all of your Answer Phone services - just follow the instructions.
  • record a personalised greeting and change it as often as you want
  • pause, rewind, skip and fast forward through messages
  • delete messages or save them for up to seven days
  • send or forward messages to other Orange phones without having to call the recipient
  • listen to your messages from any Orange phone or from any UK landline by dialling 07973 100 123 - all you need is to set up your PIN first*
  • free missed call alerts let you know by text when someone's called even if they haven't left a message - up to three calls within 24 hours will be listed

PIN Numbers

Orange recommend that you set up your Answer Phone PIN as soon as you receive your phone or SIM card. Here are a few hints and tips to keep in mind when setting your PIN number.

  1. When choosing a PIN number make sure it is memorable but not too obvious - avoid numbers like 1111, 1234 or your date of birth.
  2. Never share your PIN number with anyone. If you suspect someone knows your PIN number, please change it immediately.
  3. Avoid writing your PIN number down

* To set up a PIN and to find out about other Answer Phone services just hold '1' or dial '123' on your Orange phone.

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