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talk now overview

Sorry you can no longer sign up for this service, If you've already set it up you can carry on using it until 1 November 2006, after this date Talk Now will only be available to customers on Orange Business plans

Talk Now is a service that turns your phone into a walkie talkie. It lets you chat to your friends - up to nine of them at a time - at the touch of a button. No dialling, no waiting for them to answer, just press and talk.

  • Lets you use your phone like a walkie talkie - stay in touch in a way that suits you
  • Icons on your screen shows you which of your friends are available to talk
  • When you're free to talk just set your status so everyone knows you're available
  • Instant connection to your friends - no need to call or text
  • Talk instantly to one person, or up to nine other people at the same time
  • Because you need to press and hold the button whilst talking, we advise against using Talk Now whilst driving

what do I need?

If you're a Pay Monthly customer, Talk Now is available on:

  • Handspring Treo phones
  • LG 7250T
  • Sagem MyX5-2T
  • Nokia N70
  • Samsung X660

If you're a Pay As You Go customer, Talk Now is available on:

  • Sagem MyC5-2T
  • LG 7250
  • Samsung X660

Keep checking back - Talk Now will be available on other phones soon.

how do I get Talk Now?
Simply call Orange and we'll get it set up.

pay monthly
Call 150 from your Pay Monthly phone or 07973 100 150 from any other phone.

pay as you go
Call 450 from your Pay As You Go phone or 07973 100 450 from any other phone.

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