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Photo Messaging

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Photo Messaging costs abroad

send memories as they happen

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See how to use Photo Messaging on your phone
Share, save and print photos online

If you're at a party or meeting friends, you can share your moment instantly using Photo Messaging. You can take a photo, add text or a voice clip, and send it directly to anyone with a Photo Messaging phone on a UK network.

You can also use Photo Messaging to send pictures to your social networking pages.
Find out more about sending pictures to Facebook or to Twitter

If your friends and family don't have a compatible phone you can still send them the message. They will receive a text instead with details of how to view your photo message on the Orange website. Or you can even send the message to their email address.

Now, you can also manage your digital photographs online with our online album service. Save images from your phone or PC, share them with friends and family, purchase prints and even create personalised gifts.

Click here to find out more about our free online album service.

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