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coverage and calling abroad

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calling whilst abroad

<a href="http://www.orange.co.uk/international/calling_whilst_abroad.html"><img width="87" height="81>" border="0" src="/servlet/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1200414753137&cachecontrol=0%3A0%3A0+*%2F*%2F*&ssbinary=true" alt="calling whilst abroad" /></a>
keep in touch on your travels
 see where your phone works
 check the cost of calls
 find out more

Calling Abroad from the UK

<a href="http://www.orange.co.uk/international/calling.html"><img width="87" height="81>" border="0" src="/servlet/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1190994669186&cachecontrol=0%3A0%3A0+*%2F*%2F*&ssbinary=true" alt="Calling Abroad from the UK" /></a>
see our fixed, affordable rates
 see the rates for your service plan
 see fixed rates table
 see Calling Abroad Minutes
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coverage abroad

<a href="http://coverage.orange.co.uk/roaming/InternationalSearch.htm"><img width="87" height="81>" border="0" src="/servlet/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1200414753185&cachecontrol=0%3A0%3A0+*%2F*%2F*&ssbinary=true" alt="coverage abroad" /></a>
details of our international network
 check a country for coverage
 check a city for coverage
 see pay as you go countries
 find out more

coverage in the UK

<a href="http://coverage.orange.co.uk/uk/UKCoverageSearch.htm"><img width="87" height="81>" border="0" src="/servlet/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1190994669100&cachecontrol=0%3A0%3A0+*%2F*%2F*&ssbinary=true" alt="coverage in the UK" /></a>
details of our UK network
 check an area for coverage
 read about our coverage investment
 read about our network promise
 find out more

how to set up your phone

<a href="http://www.orange.co.uk/international/setup_your_phone.html"><img width="87" height="81>" border="0" src="/servlet/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1190994669052&cachecontrol=0%3A0%3A0+*%2F*%2F*&ssbinary=true" alt="how to set up your phone" /></a>
our guide to using your phone abroad
 see our pay monthly guide
 see our pay as you go guide
 find out more
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