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Orange Care costs abroad

phone replacement usually within 24 hours

orange care overview

What would you do if your phone was lost, stolen, damaged or develops a fault? Get Orange Care and you won't have to worry. We aim to get a replacement dispatched within 24 hours of your claim being accepted (an Excess applies to all accepted claims, see Costs for details). You'll also need to contact Orange immediately for all claims and the local police for loss, theft and malicious damage but in any event within 48 hours of discovery.

  • insurance and extended warranty cover
  • if your phone is lost or stolen a replacement will be sent by post
  • if your phone is damaged or faulty a replacement will be sent by courier as we'll need to collect your damaged or faulty phone
  • all replacements will be delivered directly to an address in the UK

pay monthly

Call 150 to get Orange Care, unless included in your service plan. Orange Care costs from £6 per phone, per month

Orange Care includes insurance and extended warranty, which are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions as stated in the Orange Care General Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully.

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See Orange Care General Terms and Conditions
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