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How do I protect children from adult content?
How do I block 18-rated/adult content?
How do I report potentially illegal material?
What is Orange Safeguard?
How do I remove Orange Safeguard?
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How do I protect children from adult content?

At Orange, we’re keen to respond to peoples' concerns about web material that has become known as adult-content. We want to do all we can to protect children from being exposed to material on their mobile phones that is intended for grown-ups.

We’ve classified as 18-rated all adult themed content that includes gambling services, violent gaming, un-moderated chat and sexually explicit material. We’ve identified 18-rated content in the same way as community standards for films, video games or other age restricted media.

Orange Safeguard automatically blocks 18-rated content (such as gambling/unmoderated chat/sexually explicit content/extremely violent gaming) from Orange customers younger than 18, or those who cannot be verified as over 18. Parents who want to protect their children from 18-rated content can do so by registering a bar on such content on phones used by their children.

However, if a child has a phone that was previously registered to an adult, then these restrictions may not apply.

If you’re concerned about your child gaining access to 18-rated content while using their Orange phone, or if you prefer to bar access to adult content on your phone, you can register for Orange Safeguard, which will bar adult content whilst still giving access to Orange World and the rest of the mobile Internet.

Applying and removing the bar is easy. For further details simply call Customer Services:

pay monthly customers call 150 from your Orange phone or 07973 100 150
pay as you go services call 450 from your Orange phone or 07973 100 450

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