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3G at home on the move WiFi bundles boost signal

Increased data access in more places

wifi overview

Extend your network coverage and get access to the mobile internet in more places by browsing on WiFi, whether you’re at home or on the move, on your mobile or device (e.g. iPad).

WiFi can be accessed:

  • privately at home, through your home broadband devices*
  • publicly while on the move, in “hotspots” which are usually located within train stations, cafés etc.

* WiFi usage would count towards your home broadband allowance.

Turn on WiFi in your phone or device’s network settings and you’ll be shown a list of available WiFi networks which you can connect to.

Some WiFi networks will be free and unlocked, whereas others may be locked because they require you to pay a small charge – you’ll need to get a password from the provider to be able to access these WiFi networks.

To access inclusive Orange WiFi (via BT Wi-fi’s hotspots**), you’ll need to have an inclusive WiFi tariff or have bought a WiFi bundle. To automatically connect to public WiFi hotspots when you’re out and about, download the Orange WiFi app from your device’s app store.

** BT FON hotspots can appear as BT Wi-fi hotspots in your list of WiFi networks – these are not included within Orange WiFi at the moment. We recommend that you download the Orange WiFi app from Apple’s App Store or use the Orange hotspots finder tool to locate applicable Orange WiFi hotspots.

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