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Contacts Backup

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The Contacts Backup service gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll never lose a number again. So when you replace your Orange phone you can easily restore your contacts, saving you time and hassle and best of all the service is free in the UK.

Your contacts are backed up to the Orange online addressbook where they are kept safe and accessible, only you can access them as your web account is password protected. From here you can easily edit your contacts and sync these back to your phone. Similarly, all the updates you make on your phone will be synced with the content on the web.

Once set up the service will automatically backup your contacts each month. To get started click here or you can text backup to 247 from your phone.

Please note that the service and some of its features are device dependent which will be explained when you setup your phone. If your phone does not support this service you can go into any Orange shop where they can take a copy of your phone information.

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