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3G overview

Whats the 3G difference?

With Orange it's not about complicated gadgets for the technically minded, its simply about faster, higher quality services for everyone.

  • Say "good night" face-to-face with video calling.
  • Download one of over 2,000 free high quality film clips or show your friends the goals from the big game at the weekend.
  • Get a better, faster experience of Orange World as well as popular mobile internet sites like BBCi and Google.
  • Send the email you forgot about from the train on your way home.

Our 3G network covers 93% of the UK population, more than any other mobile network in the UK. Orange also has the largest integrated 2.5/3G network in the UK so if you happen to go out of our 3G range, you’ll be seamlessly transferred to our 2.5G network.


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