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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I change my current Safeguard settings?
Will I be protected if I leave Orange World to view Mobile Internet content?
Who determines what content is rated 18 or not?
How much does Orange Safeguard cost?
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How do I change my current Safeguard settings?

You can amend you Orange Safeguard settings in three ways:

  • through
  • by calling 150 (Pay Monthly) or 450 (Pay as you Go)
  • via Orange World

To change your settings using you will need to have registered for ‘your account’ access. If you dial 150 / 450 you will be able to apply Orange Safeguard and block all 18 rated content from being accessed on your phone.  To remove Orange Safeguard, a Customer Services Representative will take your security details to ensure only the account holder is able to amend account settings.

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